Getting Started with Chit Chat for Facebook (Web)

The first time that you use our online web version of Chit Chat you'll need to provide permission to Chit Chat from within Facebook.

Our web based instant messenger operates separately to our Facebook chat desktop app Chit Chat (Windows), iPhone Facebook chat app and Blackberry Facebook chat app therefore even if you've used these other apps before, you'll still need to approve connection with Chit Chat for Facebook (web).

Step by Step Process to Start Using our Facebook Chat Online Messenger

1 - Sign In

On the homepage of our Facebook Chat Online messenger click "Login to Facebook Chat"

Login to Facebook Chat

2 - Enter Your Facebook Details

If you're not already signed into Facebook on your browser, Chit Chat (web) will request you to enter your email address and password in order to sign in.

Please enter them and select "Login".

How to Login to Chit Chat (Web)

If you see "Name new device?" read here.

3 - Provide Permissions

You will then be asked to grant permissions to our Facebook messaging web app - you'll see something similar to below.

Click "Allow." If you were already signed into Facebook, then you won't have seen the login window at step 2 and would have skipped straight to step 3.

Chit Chat Permission Screen

4 - Click To Continue

You will then be invited to continue to login to Chit Chat (web), you'll see an introduction screen similar to below. Click the text entitled - "click here." 

Click On Link To Open our Facebook Chat Online Messenger

Added 30 Sep 2011

Problems with Logging into Chit Chat (Web)

Not everyone will be able to sign on straight away in the manner discussed above.

If you encounter problems, chances are, it's because your security settings are high.

Not to worry, we can identify the issues and resolve them!

Common Problem 1 - US Access 

Why is US access required to access your Facebook account? Due to the way in which Facebook handles connection data, we are required to run the access key request through our server through a proxy.   

In short, if you "agree" ("This is Okay") you won't have this problem again.

US Facebook Login Proxy Issue

Feel free to contact us at if you require more information.

Common Problem 2 - Name New Device

Over recent years Facebook has tried to make Facebook access much more strict. As such, if you have "Login Notifications" enabled in your account settings, you'll see a screen like this when trying to login. The solution is to name the device by typing a device name, and then pressing "Save Device." This would normally appear before step 3. 

Common Device Problem on Facebook

Added 30 Sep 2011
Upgrade your browsers Facebook Messaging with Chit Chat for Facebook (Web). Compatibile with Firefox, Chrome and Safari.