New Unrecognized Device

When I sign in to Chit Chat it tells me that my device is unrecognized by Facebook.

In order to work correctly with Facebook Chat, Chit Chat (Web) needs to be granted permissions to access certain aspects of your Facebook profile. If you have previously selected within Facebook to be notified when devices access your Facebook account you will have an extra layer of approval to go through to grant Chit Chat (Web) permission to work.

Chit Chat Device Issue

You will need to enter a device name and then save the device. 

Added 27 Sep 2011

Session Expired Reported

Why Has Chit Chat (Web) Gone Offline When I've Been Logged In a Long Time or After I Clear My Cache?

If you delete your cache or history, or sign out of Facebook in another window on your browser Chit Chat (web) will have its session expired. You will see something similar to this. 

Not Properly Logged Into Facebook chat

On occasion you'll be able to click "click here" to go back online, however, more often you'll need to sign out of Facebook and sign back into Chit Chat (web) again.

Added 27 Sep 2011

Is It Possible To Sign Into Facebook As One User and Chit Chat (Web) As Another User At the Same Time?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to sign into Facebook as one user and Chit Chat (web) as a different user at the same time on the same browser.

However, it is possible to do this with two different browsers  - for example, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The way in which this works is for you to login to Facebook on one with one user (user A) - let's say Google Chrome and for you to login (user B) to Chit Chat (web) on the other  browser, internet explorer, in this example.

Added 27 Sep 2011

Why Do My Facebook Friends Status Change all At Once?

Facebook status changes occur every three minutes. 

Whilst you may expect Facebook status to change immediately as users sign in or out, the way in which Facebook chat works this is not the case. Facebook refreshes status of contacts every three minutes. 

Added 27 Sep 2011

Do I Require a "Facebook Username" In Order To Access Facebook Chat with Chit Chat (Web)?

No, unlike our iPhone application, Windows application and Blackberry application you do not need a Facebook username.

Read here to find out what a Facebook username is. 

Added 27 Sep 2011

What Is My Username and Password?

You need to login to Chit Chat for Facebook (Web) using your Facebook email address (or Facebook username) and password. You use the same password you use to login to Facebook.

Added 27 Sep 2011
Upgrade your browsers Facebook Messaging with Chit Chat for Facebook (Web). Compatibile with Firefox, Chrome and Safari.