Chit Chat Web Messenger Benefits

  • Enhanced web based Facebook chatting 
  • Lets you know when Facebook friends come online/offline
  • Insert Facebook emoticons at a click of a button
  • Use bold and italic in your Facebook messages
  • Makes use of speech bubbles

Why Not Just Use For My Web Messaging?

  • Facebook feeds are distracting, restricting yourself to Facebook chat allows you to get on with other tasks
  • Great for work where you need to stay in touch but don't want to be distracted by Facebook
  • Much easier to read your Facebook messages. Handy if you have visual difficulties or you just like to make things easy.
  • Tabbed and status lead Facebook conversations
  • Looks like a desktop instant messenger but is portable - nothing is installed on your computer

Browser Compatibility Of Our Facebook Chat Online Messenger

Compatibile with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Chromium.

Our Facebook Chat Online Messenger is not currently compatible with Internet Explorer.  

Other Platforms

Chit Chat for Facebook is available for your Windows desktop, on your Blackberry smart phone and on your iPhone.  

Upgrade your browsers Facebook Messaging with Chit Chat for Facebook (Web). Compatibile with Firefox, Chrome and Safari.